Please read if you are thinking about starting yoga or beginning at Studio One.  This will help answer questions quicker then phone or email!


We understand taking that leap to start something new can be scary!  Whether yoga is a new lifestyle choice or Studio One is just a new studio space for your practice, we welcome you and we would love to help make it an amazing experience!  Remember YOGA is for EVERYBODY, yes even you that can not touch your knees.  Our Studio is a place to grow, gain flexibility, become stronger, and let go of inhibitions.  We are a studio of non-judgment.

We ask that ALL new students register IN-PERSON for your first visit.  However, we take in to account our busy classes filling up.  You can pre-register for most classes and if you have any difficulty with pre-pay classes- just email us!  We are happy to get you set up prior and after that you will be able to pre-register online to as many classes/workshops as you would like.  

Feel free to browse our SCHEDULE and CLASS DESCRIPTIONS to find class(es) that seem right for you.  We strongly recommend you showing up 15-20 minutes early to your first class.  You will need to fill out a waiver and choose from one of our introductory offers.  

Ours doors do lock many times after class times starts please show up on time and/or up to 30 minutes early.  Be on your mat when the class starts - this means water bottle filled, mat sprayed down if necessary.   Socializing, laughing and fun is part of Studio One, but please be mindful of others reaching to find their peaceful meditation and when the class starts  be ready for your personal practice.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER!!!   Please choose one - and note it is first first time class only!!  

  • 3 pack of Yoga for $19.00
  • Unlimited Week of Classes $25.00
  • Unlimited Month of Classes $39.00

We recommend all new to yoga students to begin with any S - S1 level classes:

  • Gentle 
  • All Level Fusion 
  • Yin
  • Candlelight
  • S1 
  • Sculpt - weights are optional
  • Hot (an all level class done in 108 degrees plus humidity)
  • Stretch and Flexibility
  • Yinyasa

Some experience is recommended for 

  • S2
  • Hot 90
  • SPF - Sculpt Power Fusion

If you have a Groupon please click on the link below

Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle to each class.  All of these are available for rent of purchase.  

Showers are available to all practicing students.  Please be mindful of your time spent in the showers and getting ready.  Keep the area clean that you have used.

Studio One Yoga encourages a strong yoga community.  Please know you are welcome to make friends and talk to your fellow yogis.  Be mindful of the class time however, as once that class begins, it is a time to focus on your own personal practice and have respect for others practices.  

Cell phones, bags and other belongings are to be left outside the yoga studio.

Please hold comments and questions until the end of classes.  Our teachers are there throughout class to make sure you are safe in each pose.  After class we are happy to add to any adjustments or answer any one on one concerns.