Studio One Yoga (S1) - is known for being a down to earth yoga studio.   You do not have to be a "yogi" to show up, relax or work hard, laugh or let go.  We believe that yoga is for everyone regardless of age and body type.  We are predominantly a Vinyasa yoga studio. Vinyasa is a term that covers a broad range of yoga styles;  The word Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement".   But our classes range from techniques drawn from the ancient treasures of yoga asanas precision to energizing and uplifting classes using dance or weights.  From not being able to touch your knees to challenging your physical body and mind on your mat, S1 opens it's doors and hearts to you.

Our mission is to provide a genuine and sustainable yoga practice that will continue to evolve the physical and emotional health of our students.  At S1 we strive to provide a safe inviting environment where students can develop a regular and realistic yoga practice.  Our instructors are passionate about teaching and are always willing to take that extra step to ensure that no student feels left behind.  We are proud of the individual attention that our students receive. 

Studio One got it's name because of the love that we have for our community.  We strongly believe it take a a village to nourish and grow even as an individual.   Yoga is an extremely personal practice, we encourage our students to let go of judgement and competition to help them evolve into a self healing empowering life.   We've created a place that rocks!  Where you can find solitude and healing on your mat as well as support, encouragement and awesome friends, to help you ascend to heights you didn't realize you had in you.